I found this new product online (new to me anyway)  – The Scrubba Wash Bag.


Interesting … it is lightweight, small enough, can fit into your suitcase for washing clothes when in a foreign country .. or another state that seems like a foreign country! ha!!   And it would be great if you didn’t want to find a bucket or take up a sink to wash your clothes.

So .. would you, could you, use it when out camping?  I guess so .. why not?!  I know the sink in my RV is pretty small!!  This might be nice to do a “load” of underwear in when you’re on a roadtrip for a week or two!

What do you think?  Like it?  Is it a good camping trip addition?

Scrubba030413_102_-_deep_etched_medium scrubba bag Scrubba_bag_green_compact_in_hand_-_deep_etched_medium

Scrubba Dub Dub .. my clothes are not in the tub … ha ha …

Find it here – The Scrubba

I am not associated with Scrubba and have not received any mula or a product for this post … I just thought this was an interesting product!