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The Great Outdoors Cookbook
Great Camping Cookbook
I think one of the best things about Camping is cooking.  Our family camping started with a fire in the morning with coffee brewing on top.  We had a camp stove and our small BBQ.  It has now progressed to a small RV, inside stove, microwave, camp stove and our BBQ.  My husband is a pro BBQ’r and he handles the main dish.  I make the sides and usually make some Onion Soup Potatoes in the microwave / convection oven.  Sounds like cheating …  kinda is.  I’m just now getting into cast iron skillets at home and think I’m ready to get a dutch oven to try and cook in while we’re camping.  If you have a good dutch oven recipe or any advice I would love to hear about it!  Email –

This cookbook covers just about everything –

Home Fires
Inspired Fires
Campfire Basics
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts

It also goes over cooking with a Santa Maria grill, Cauldron, Pizza Oven, Camp Stoves and more.

Camping Equipment / RV Essentials