Recently while camping a fellow camper came over asking a question and she was carrying a Luci Light.  I asked what it was and she told me about it.  When I got home I went over to our local sporting goods store and bought one.

I love this light!  It is an inflatable light that runs off of a solar panel on top of the light.  You just blow it up and set it down, hang it up, carry it..

Mine is actually in the house right now.  It makes a great night light next to the bed or a light in case of emergencies when the power goes out.

Did I tell you it’s solar powered?  And … I’m not getting paid by Luci Light to tell you all about it … I just like it!

Here it is sitting on a table next to our RV (actually on top of a roll of paper towels).  It’s also mood lighting!  I forgot to mention that!  ha ha !!


It has three setting – bright, brighter and blinking .. and comes in different colors…


deflated Luci Light

images from the Luci Light website

and from my kitchen counter –

Luci Light

Luci Light

I make pennies on anyone who clicks this link and purchases one 🙂  So, click away!!

Are you ready to light up your campsite with solar power?  I am !!!!