Did you know they make a tent that costs $5,000?

I was “googling” around and found it over on The North Face – the 2-meter dome tent.

Well .. if you need a base camp you need this tent … going to climb a mountain?!

base camp tent

Over on FieldCandy.com you can find a fun tent like this –

cow tent

or this one for the book lover –

book tent

Over on FireBox.com you can find this one –


and for those who love to live simply and camp in the back of their pick up –  (found on Campworld.com)


Do you have a tent “Style” ??

I’ve camped in an RV for the past 2 years and just love it!  But … there is a simplicity to tent camping and sleeping in a sleeping bag!  Kind of miss it … but will stick with my RV for now 😉