A few years ago I made this adorable Camping Gingerbread House I found at World Market.  I’ve searched high and low for the photo of my finished product, but I can’t find it.  Probably best to share the “professional” photo as mine turned out cute, but not exactly like the photo.  I was just at World Market and they are carrying them again this year.  They are only around $10.  If you follow this LINK to Amazon, they are a bit more expensive.

Now .. do you want to build your own or display a decorative gingerbread house you can show off every year?  Here are a few to consider –
EDIBLE – I could only find two kits to purchase.

Here is a great How-To –

Now for the Decorative –

How about some DIY?!

You can find this DIY Gingerbread Van at HIPCAMP
Find the How-To over on HobbyCraft
DIY can be found on Sugar & Cloth

Here are some great ideas –

Pretzel Reindeer!
Check out the cute campfire!

Ideas from Think.Make.Share

A cute way to display …

via Shabby Art Boutique

… and the house is actually made from cardboard!


How about an airblown 6 foot tall Gingerbread Trailer!!

I hope you liked all of the ideas!  If you have one you’d like to share, please email me –

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