A few weeks ago I posted about buying your Christmas Ornaments and Cards (Camping Themed) now as they might sell out by the time you start thinking about Christmas shopping.  Well, now it’s time to think about the Cross Stitch Stockings!  If you’re going to stitch a stocking … it’s time to start!

I started Cross Stitching when I was a teenager but I never thought of cross stitching a Christmas Stocking.  I’ve always made mine out of felt.  But now, with writing this blog post and seeing how many cute patterns there are, I might have to cross stitch a few stockings!

Do your stockings have a theme?  Same color, pattern or design?  Are they felt, satin or knitted?  Did you make them or buy them?  There are a million choices on the market these days.  With Pinterest for ideas and Etsy for homemade treasures, everyone can find what they are looking for.

But … this post is about cross stitched stockings.   If you love the look but you don’t cross stitch, don’t worry we have a list of stitchers that you can hire to do the stitching for you.   They are independent with no affiliation to this site, we just offer a page to advertise on.  Click on the link to view  Available Stitchers

Have you already cross stitched your stocking(s)?  I’d love to see a photo!  Please email them to TheCampSiteCompany@gmail.com so I can share them in a future post.


If you’re like me and you don’t have a fireplace, what to do?  If you are crafty, you can make a wall stocking holder like I did –

It’s just a piece of ply wood painted with craft paint. I used small brushes and toothpicks for the tiny details.

I made this stocking wall holder almost 27 years ago.  I just checked Pinterest and they have so many cute ideas!  Head over to Pinterest and search “Stocking Wall Holders DIY” to get ideas.

If your’re crafty, here are some ideas I found on Pinterest –

What do you think?  Will you cross stitch a stocking this year?  Will you create your own stocking wall or mantle holder?  I hope this post gave you a lot of ideas!

Thanks for reading!


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