So you’re camping …

Do you walk around the long way or cut through a few campsites?

The sunset is beautiful tonight … do you walk to a public area to get your picture or do you walk through someone’s bluff campsite to get the shot?

If you’ve answered yes to either scenario, please tell me why you think it’s okay to do this as I just don’t understand why you would.

How I see it, is that I paid for my campsite.  The space is mine.  I don’t want you to walk through my campsite because it will make a shorter walk for you or you’ll get a better picture.

I always use this example – this is my hotel room … Would you really open the door and walk right in? Would you?   If I had a great view from my “room” would you walk into my “room” so you could enjoy it too?

I am so annoyed that people think it’s okay to walk through or into someone else’s campsite.  This has been happening a lot lately and it seems to be 30-something’s … Is it that generation? Were they not taught manners? Were they not taught to respect someone’s space?

And … When I tell these “trespassers” that they can not walk through my site, I am the bad guy, not them, they feel they’re doing nothing wrong, but because I’ve said “no” they name call …. yes I’ve been called names.  One guy said “You must be that person no one wants to sit with at the campfire”!  Really?  So, you’re the one with bad camping etiquette and now you name call and say mean things.  And being named Karen doesn’t help these days!  ha ha

This weekend a guy and girl with 3 dogs walked through our campsite … granted they were trying to go through the space connecting our site with the next, but that is not okay either.  The girl actually looked at my husband and said “sorry” …. My husband went around to the front of our RV and said “No” and told them they can’t walk through our campsite.  The guy called him a “dick”.    The group camping behind us walked right through, and I mean right through the middle of the campsite next to us a few times before those people told them to stop.

So, I just really wanted to blog about this and ask WHY???  Because I just don’t get it.

I googled this subject last night and guess what?  There are other people with the same complaint!

–   Camping Etiquette According to KOA –   Our third-place vote-getter was the concept of politeness, specifically, not taking a shortcut by walking through other people’s campsites.

–  About Rving – Campground Etiquette –  This one is more geared for RV’ers and to a couple who live in their RV.  Some rules are a bit much … but a good source for camping etiquette!

While I was looking at these Camping Etiquette articles … one I found said “I’m not as grumpy as I sound” …

I’m not either …


I thought the signs below were a bit colorful … ha ha … ready for your campsite!

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