My husband and I just got back from a weekend camping in Encinitas – San Elijo State Beach.  I call it my second home!

We took a walk around the park and saw three unique campers and I thought I would share them with you!

First .. an RV covered in bamboo!  My husband heard it is owned by a local guy .. I wonder how fast you could go in this RV before the bamboo flies off?  Not that I know how he built it .. it’s probably stronger than I think!  I love the party platform up on top!  Please no fires around this RV!  Right?!

RV Covered in Bamboo

Now this next trailer is just great!  Very vintage!!  I love the color and the lines.  I’d never seen one with the overhang on the top.

Vintage Trailer

This last one is a compact space efficient tent-over-trailer!  Kind of looks like a tree house?!  I found the maker of this cool little house – Eezi-Awn

Tent like a treehouse

What do you camp in?  Anything this unique??  Send me a picture!!