If you don’t know what Pinterest is, you are not alone.

I got “involved” in Pinterest and just didn’t “get” it at first.  And then I got hooked.

Picture in your head a bunch of bulletin boards on your wall.  Every time you’re on the internet and see something you like, you pin a picture of it on one of your bulletin boards.  And if other “Pinners” pin a picture you like, you can pin it to one of your boards.  You can name/categorize your bulletin boards anything you want.

Now … how does Camping go with Pinterest?  One of my boards is called “Camping” and every time I see something about camping, I pin it to my Camping Board!

One really cute thing I have pinned to my board is this cake –

I followed the Cake “Pin” to it’s original site – HERE

You can get great ideas from Pinterest … I did when I found the Campfire Cones and received permission to use the recipe on the Camp Site – Camp Cookbook

Find Pinterest  at www.Pinterest.com and have fun Pinning!

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