After trying the Campfire Cones, I decided to try Campfire Bowls using Waffle Cone Bowls and some fun ingredients. They were GREAT!

campfire bowl


Waffle Bowls

Chocolate Chips

Mini Marshmellows

Peanuts – I used Dry Roasted



campfire bowl ingredients

  • Take your Waffle Bowl and add your ingredients.  I added the chocolate chips, nuts and marshmellows.  Now add the fruit.

  • Wrap your bowl in foil.  I used one piece of heavy duty foil.

  • Place your Campfire Bowl near the flame, piece of wood in the fire or on top of some charcoal.

  • After a minute or two, take your bowl out of the fire with tongs and handle with some pot holders.  Watch out as it can be hot.  Now, take a peak under the foil and see if your ingredients are to your desired “doneness” or “meltiness”.

  • Add some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy!

Campfire Bowl