I’ve just added this camping resource app to my iPhone and iPad – “The Ultimate U.S. Public Campground Project”.  (The maker of the app asked if I would review it and I agreed.)

The Ultimate U.S. Public Campground Project

I will definatley be using this app to plan my next cross county RV trip (local one too)!  It’s easy to use and navigate through.  You can search by name or zip and it’s easy to locate and differentiate between State Parks, National Parks, Military, etc..

I searched for Oregon – and then I dragged the map to the coast.  Got in a little closer to see the campgrounds.


I tapped on a State Park icon – you get a few bits of info .. now tap on the little “i”.


Lots of info!  A link to Trip Advisor is coming soon!


If you tap the little “go to arrow” at the bottom, you will track your trip from your current location.  If you tap on the cloud icon you will get the current weather at that location.


I like this app!  It gives you SO much info it’s crazy!  Again, I will definitely be using this app for my trip planning!  It’s easy to see the campgrounds in the area and has all the information I need in one place!

Ultimate Campground Project’s website