campfire bowl

After trying the Campfire Cones, I decided to try Campfire Bowls using Waffle Cone Bowls and some fun ingredients. They were GREAT!



Waffle Bowls
Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmellows
Peanuts – I used Dry Roasted

waffle bowls
ingredients for waffle bowls
campfire bowl ingredients

1.  Take your Waffle Bowl and add your ingredients.  I added the chocolate chips, nuts and marshmellows.  Now add the fruit.

2. Wrap your bowl in foil.  I used one piece of heavy duty foil.

3. Place your Campfire Bowl near the flame, piece of wood in the fire or on top of some charcoal.  (Can you see my foil-wrapped Campfire Bowl down in the fire? photo to the right)

4. After a minute or two, take your bowl out of the fire with tongs and handle with some pot holders.  Watch out as it can be hot.  Now, take a peak under the foil and see if your ingredients are to your desired “doneness” or “meltiness”.

5.  Add some vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy!

Campfire Bowl