Update 9-22-15

Comment from a reader/follower –

“I just called reserve america and they changed it about a month and a half ago. Now you need to click on an individual site and check the date to be able to set up an availability notification. You can only set one up on each site, not the entire facility.” – Trisha

Update – 8-10-15

A few readers have told me that this isn’t working right now.  I just tried it with San Elijo in Southern California and it worked.

I sent Reserve America an email and this is their response –

Dear Karen Ezell:

Thank you for using ReserveAmerica for your camping needs.

 I’ll be happy to assist you with this issue.

 I apologize for the delayed response due to the high volumes of e-mails we’ve been receiving.

 I’m sorry you are having difficulty finding available dates.

 I am very sorry, due to the large amount of requests we are unable to notify customers when a site opens up for their dates. 

 You are able to create an “Availability Notification” by signing into your account at www.reserveamerica.com and following the directions I have enclosed below.

 Once logged in, do the normal search for your desired park and dates.  When you get to the campsite list page where it shows there is no availability, look just above that and in Blue Letters, you will see “Create Availability Notification”  Click on that, follow the prompts and you will receive an email if a cancellation comes in for your dates.

 Each customer account can run a maximum of five (5) Availability Notification requests at a time. To avoid the ADA sites, you will need to enter a specific site number that you interested in for the notification.

 Notifications can be managed (viewed or removed) under the “My Account” section.

Please Note:  Everyone who request to be notified for those dates will receive the same email.  Please attempt to secure the site as soon as possible for best chances.

 We hope you enjoy all your recreational activities.

Customer Service Representative
Active Network
Active Outdoors


How do I create an availability notification on Reserve America?

You’d think it would be easy.  Well .. they’ve hidden it.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to create your notification –

(Updated on June 10th 2014)
UPDATE on Jan 11, 2015 – Was informed by a reader that it does not work for Florida State Parks.

1.  Sign in to Reserve America and then search for the place, date and length of stay – Click SEARCH

Notification Alert Reserve America


2 – Click on “Next Available Date” –

availability nofication from reserve america

3 – Make sure your date and length of stay is correct and click on “Search Available”

search available again

4 – Now you see the “Create Availability Notification” option

Reserve America Availability Notification

5 – Click it and you will see this screen –  Click on “Create This Notification”

Creat your Reserve America Availability Notification

6 – You’re All Set!

Reserve America Availability Notification