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How to Roast a Hot Dog Over an Open Fire

Hot dogs cooked over the open fire
image via Rooster

How do you roast hot dogs over an open fire? Seems pretty easy right? Start a fire, put a hot dog on a stick and hold it over the fire, right?

Well, not so fast. Accoring to David Draper at Field and Stream, you need to let your fire burn down until you have a pile of glowing coals and then start roasting that hot dog.

You don't need a burnt-on-the-outside, cold-on-the-inside hot dog for dinner!

Hold the skewer high, not too low near the flame or hot coals to get a slow cooked dog. Hot dogs are pre-cooked, so you're really just heating the hot dog through and giving it the great look of "char" ..

Add some mustard, ketchup, diced onions, pickle relish and you're calling my name!

Over on Tablespoon, they have a step-by-step HowTo on making Campfire Crescent Dogs - They look really good!

Campfire Crescent Dogs




Here are some Hot Dog Roasting Sticks, available on Amazon, that have extendable / telescoping handles, which is a must have! Click on image to view and purchase.


Cookbooks -

If you love cooking over the open fire, here is a great book for you! It starts off with "I Have a Stick, Now What?" and goes into Fire Building and Safety, Breakfast, Main Dish, Kebabs and more! Click on image to view and purchase.


And don't forget about the Marshmellows! S'mores!!! That will be another How-To!

Mickey Mouse Roasting Marshmellows
from my "Little Golden Book - Mickey Mouse and Goofy - The Big Bear Scare"





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