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Pechanga RV Resort - Temecula, CA

We've been to Pechanga Casino once to see a comedian but had never stayed in the RV Park. As lovers of BBQ and seeing that Pechanga was going to have their first ever BBQ Championship, we decided to camp out at Pechanga! My daughter said we were "Glamping" ... Glamour Camping .. ha ha ha ... No dirt that was for sure!

It was really nice! But ... you can't have a campfire and no cooking over a weber grill with charcoal. You can only have gas. We have a gas stove, so thought up some dinners we could grill up on our grill pan or cook in the RV. No biggie..

I booked a Premium site which means I got a picnic table and a little latice fence separating me from the next site. Since I chose to be up front and right next to the pool and check-in, no latice fence was required. We stayed in C-2.

I wanted to be close to the pool and we were. But ... we also got to listen to the RV's coming into register and leaving their engines running. Also, the people talking in the pool area at night can be a bit loud.

My choice for next time will be on the B aisle. That way, the RV next to us can provide some shade for us!

FYI, the trash dumpsters are at the end of the aisles on I street - see map.

Pechanga RV Park Map

Here are some pictures of the RV Park - Hover your mouse over the picture and it will enlarge.

We just got a puppy so we took him to the Doggie Park in one corner of the RV Park. I took two pictures standing there ... one to my right and on to my left..

It was really pretty in the RV Park. Clean, Green, and right next to a Casino :)

I took the next picture when it was getting dark from I street looking down at the Casino. It's not too far away. Plus, they have a free shuttle service that comes and picks you up!

And free WiFi - bring your cable cord!

You have to put a $10 deposit down for the bathroom and pool key card. Bring exact change!

See the website for all of the details, pictures and information. PECHANGA RV RESORT

There is a golf course right behind the Casino and Temecula is close by with the Old Town area. We drove through it on the way to the Resort and it looks like a great little town to shop and eat in!! Plus this is Wine Country! Lots of vineyards to visit!

Pechanga didn't pay me to post this ... I just report on where I stay!









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