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Ladderball Camping Game

Ladderball Game

There are a few different manufacturers of Ladderball and I found four versions over at Sports Authority -

(* Post not paid by Sports Authority. It was the store that had the best pictures.)

I'm including pictures of three -

The one above retails for appx. $37.99

Here is a double game - we have this one - and it retails for appx. $34.99

Double Ladderball Game

Here is a metal version - it retails for appx. $49.99

Metal Ladderball Game

Here is a link to Sports Authority for the Ladderball Game


Did you know there is a ladderball webpage? It gives you the rules and has a Make-It-Yourself page!


Here is another site I found that has a How-To and a close up of the golf ball with rope in it - the "BOLAS". HERE


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